PSG wants to imitate Deschamps, it’s a disaster

Hungry for sport, he grew up to the sound of Formula 1 engines and the exploits of Ronaldinho. Today, a graduate of a Master’s degree in sports journalism, he no longer misses an F1 Grand Prix or a PSG match, his two passions and specialties.

Deprived of Kylian Mbappé at kick-off, Christophe Galtier opted for a very defensive tactic against Bayern Munich. The idea was to hold on without conceding a goal, while waiting for the entry of Bondy’s crack capable of doing enormous damage on the counter. A game idea similar to that of Didier Deschamps in the France team, but which did not prove to be a winner as Daniel Riolo points out, who does not spare the choices of the Parisian coach.

Facing Bayern MunichTHE PSG decided to opt for fairly defensive tactics, which did not bear fruit as the Bavarians won (1-0). Daniel Riolo regret the choice of Christophe Galtier.

“With this team, you can’t concrete”

He doesn’t know how to concrete Nuno Mendes, he’s not a mason! If Galtier wants to cement, he should go get players from the mid-table teams in Ligue 1. With this team, you can’t cement. Even if it means doing it, do it thoroughly, and do like Deschamps by always giving the ball to Mbappé “, launches the editorialist of RMC at the microphone ofAfter Foot before continuing.

“We know it’s Kylian and nothingness”

Everything for Mbappé? So don’t play Neymar on the return. Make a team where you do everything to give the ball to Mbappé. We know it’s Kylian and nothingness. We understood that Galtier was useless and that the only hope is to give the ball to Kylian », adds Daniel Riolo.