UPDATE: RGIII finds missing dog, as “kidnapper van” leads him to it

Former Heisman Trophy winner and ESPN analyst Robert Griffin III has asked the internet for help in finding his dog “Benny”.

In a tweet to his 2.2 million followers, RGIII explained he was going through one of his “worst nights”. His dog has gone missing in the Clermont, Florida area: “Well guys….tonight is looking like one of the worst nights ever. Our Dog got out of the back yard and has been gone for 5 hours. Feels like we lost him. Damn.”

The dog has gone missing in the Orlando area

The 33 year-old free agent quarterback, who is yet to officially retire despite working in broadcasting, explained the dog could be “anywhere in the Orlando area at this point.”

As of 10:00pm ET, the dog is still missing. “He is cute and hella friendly so hopefully no one kidnapped him”, RGIII tweeted, “he wouldn’t even know if they did as long as they had snacks.”

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As for his state of mind, the QB explained he feels very anxious: “Just laughing through the anxiety right now.”

In the comments, several of Robert Griffin III‘s followers gave him advice and strength during these times. One user suggested leaving a piece of clothing on the porch so the dog can smell it. Another shared a personal story and support: “Had a 10-pound Australian shepherd get out the back yard and survive two nights in the wild before we found him. Never give up. Never surrender.”

If you have any leads regarding Benny’s whereabouts, be sure to reach out to RGIII.

UPDATE: RGIII’s dog Benny has been found!

RGIII gave the best update possible at 12:36am ET. In a selfie video from his house’s sauna, the QB revealed that Benny is back with his family.

In a wild story, Griffin III explained he was driving around the neighborhood when a “kidnapper van” sped up beside him. And, after chasing it, he realized it was actually going faster in order to make a U-turn and come back to him.

Tha man inside asked him if he was missing his dog and led him to a house where the dog was being kept for safety.

RGIII thanked everyone on Twitter for their suggestions and prayers. He said “there are still good people in the world” and expressed relief, especially because his daughters were especially upset at the dog being missing.