Kylian Mbappe tipped for Man United amid Qatar bid talk

YouTuber Mark Goldbridge has claimed “there’s a very big chance” Kylian Mbappe will come to Manchester United if they are bought by a Qatar-based consortium.

What’s the latest on Kylian Mbappe to Man United?

At the moment, the Red Devils are up for sale, with the Glazers supposedly wanting at least £5bn to sell their asset. Very few could afford that price but it seems as though a Qatari bid may soon come in.

Of course, the ownership group already have strong ties to PSG and it remains to be seen if the Qatar-based consortium can get passed UEFA rules to own both clubs.

If that does happen, it wouldn’t be a shock to see Man United and the Ligue 1 start a relationship where certain players are maybe transferred from one club to the other.

With that in mind, while speaking on The United Stand, Goldbridge claimed Mbappe would come to Old Trafford if he was to end up playing in the Premier League.

He explained: “If Manchester United is bought by Qatar, there will be a very close relationship with the people who own PSG. Let’s leave it at that – we all know that, it’s common sense.

“Is there, therefore, a chance that Kylian Mbappe comes to Manchester United? Well, there’s a very big chance, because ultimately – Kylian Mbappe would want to have to want to come to Manchester United – but the minute that is the case, he will be a Man United player.

“He will probably end up at Real Madrid. He’s got a good relationship with Real Madrid, he nearly joined Real Madrid; PSG basically made him a sporting director to make him stay and gave him ridiculous money. And he probably will go to Real Madrid.

“But if he’s got any interest in coming to the Premier League, he’ll come to Manchester United. He’s not going to Man City, he’s not going to Arsenal, he’s not going to Liverpool.

“If Kylian Mbappe decides he wants to come to the Premier League, he will come to Manchester United – if we are Qatar-owned.”

Would Kylian Mbappe ever want to join Man United?





What could a Qatari bid mean for Mbappe to MUFC?

Any Qatari bid would supposedly be backed by the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani, who is a Manchester United supporter – and so it’s within the realms of possibility that they do end up buying the club.

At the tournament, he wowed pundits such as Ally McCoist who told TalkSport: “He was absolutely phenomenal. I saw Thierry Henry’s acceleration and I thought ‘wow’, it was amazing, this guy is quicker.”

It’s not a deal close to happening yet, but if a Qatari firm ends up buying United, you can expect these rumours to heat up.