Huge discomfort revealed with a Real Madrid star

Recruited three and a half years ago from Chelsea, Eden Hazard is still struggling to win at Real Madrid. If everyone salutes his state of mind internally, the situation would begin to become tense between him and Carlo Ancelotti. Indeed, the Belgian would be particularly disappointed not to have obtained the playing time which was promised to him at the start of the season.

Eden Hazard still can’t do it. It has been almost four years since the Belgian arrived at Real Madrid from chelsea, as part of a transfer that would have cost €160m including bonuses. Hampered by injuries, the former player of the LOSC has never managed to establish itself in the Spanish capital and this season is no exception. He played only seven games in all competitions, for one goal and one assist.

Between Hazard and Ancelotti, an almost non-existent relationship

According to information from The Athleticthe situation ofEden Hazard At real Madrid would also begin to be more and more tense. Indeed, its relationship with Carlo Ancelotti would be almost non-existent, according to relatives of the player who wished to remain anonymous. Eden Hazard blamed his coach for broken promises, especially regarding his playing time. He would feel ignored by the Italian technician and disappointed with the breakdown of their relationship.

Hazard remains appreciated internally

Nevertheless, Eden Hazard would remain a highly valued player internally. The Athletic adds that the staff of real Madrid would understand the Belgian’s frustration, which is common for a player who wants to play more. Although he was often injured and never could live up to the hopes placed in him, Eden Hazard would always have behaved very well and would never have created problems within the group. The divorce still seems consummated between the two parties.