Donnarumma, “like a memory of the Bernabeu evening”


Following Paris Saint-Germain’s loss to Bayern Munich on Tuesday, Gianluigi Donnarumma has not been spared criticism.

THE Paris Saint Germain failed to rise to the rank of his adversary. Beaten 1-0 by Bayern Munich, as part of the knockout stages of the Champions League, the French champions paled in comparison. In particular, during the opening of the Bavarian score by Kingsley Coman, during which the Parisian goalkeeper, Gianluigi Donnarumma, was guilty of a gross error. What harm the overall performance, despite multiple stops that prevented the men of Julian Nagelsmann to increase the mark.

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“Donnarumma condemns PSG”

Already pilloried for his lack of confidence since the elimination of PSG against Real Madrid the previous season, the goalkeeper of the Squadra azurra again came under criticism. Proof of this is the less than flattering title of the Corriere dello Sport, “Donnarumma, what a mistake! », or even the Gazzetta dello Sport: “Donnarumma makes a mistake”, who believes that the Italian international “Is guilty on the goal because Coman’s shot is in the center and not so powerful, develops the daily with pink sheets. After his mistakes last year at the Bernabeu, the Italian goalkeeper again risks costing PSG dearly in Europe. »

Opinions also shared across the Rhine by the daily Picturethat mentions “an obvious mistake by Donnarumma, who lets the ball pass under his arm” whileAS took the liberty of commenting ” Again! Donnarumma condemns PSG. The ball was heading towards the Italian goalkeeper but, incomprehensibly, he failed to save it. Like a memory of the Bernabeu evening. “. brandthe other Madrid media, wrote “Donnarumma was soft and weak on Coman’s goal. The strike was not very strong. He knows that he missed himself and that he was not up to it on this one”. Finally, within France, the former member of AC Milan was awarded the score of 4 by ICrewwhile The Parisian granted him that of 5.

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