Damar Hamlin and the luxury jewelry he received as a gift from Rafaello and Co.

Damar Hamlin continues to receive accolades for all that has happened to him and what he has accomplished since he suffered a hard hit that nearly cost him his life. Fully recovered, now the Buffalo Bills player received a gold and diamond pendant as a gift.

It was on January 2 in the game against the Cincinnati Bengals that Hamlin suffered the hard hit that almost cost him his life. After suffering a heart attack he was taken to a hospital, where he recovered satisfactorily. Much support came from many sides and accolades for the player, and they are still pouring in.

Damar Hamlin gives thanks in heartfelt videoLAPRESSE

What was the gift Damar Hamlin received?

The Bills tight end received a pendant in the shape of the number 3, the one he wears on his NFL jersey, which is encrusted with diamonds and a red heart. Hamlin went to Gabriel Jacobs’ Rafaello and Co. jewelry store in Midtown Manhattan and walked out with the luxurious 14-karat white gold jewelry with 3 carats of diamonds.

According to TMZ, the player left the store very happy and his reaction showed it. As a thank you, he signed a Bills jersey and gave it to the jewelry designer, who a few weeks ago had made a great gesture to the entire Buffalo team after Hamlin’s incident.

Bills’ Hamlin breathing on his own, joins team via video

Hamlin has received gifts and accolades following his incident

Jeweler Gabriel Jacobs gifted 80 pendants to the team and Damar’s family. Each pendant, 14 karat and 2.5 inches, has a popular quote from Hamlin on the back. “If you have a chance to show a little love today, do it! It won’t cost you anything.”

Following Hamlin’s collapse, the NFL is concerned and in recent days displayed its health and safety protocols at the stadium where Super Bowl LVII was held and won by the Kansas City Chiefs.