Jrue Holiday and Giannis Antetokounmpo lead the Bucks to a hard fought overtime win over the Celtics

Tuesday night marked the second time in the season that the two top teams in the NBA’s Eastern Conference met on the court, when the Boston Celtics paid a visit to the Milwaukee Bucks at Firserv Forum, with the home team taking the win in overtime after a sensational comeback.

Jrue Holiday shined ahead of the All-Star Game

Jrue Holiday has been a topic of discussion lately after he was named to the 2023 NBA’s All-Star Game, his first in a decade.

This Tuesday against the Boston Celtics, he helped his team to an overtime win by posting 40 points, including a crucial three-point shot with less than 30 seconds on the clock left in overtime, which gave his team the lead, with them finally taking the win a couple of seconds later with a 131-125 score over the Celtics, who had most of their starting squad out due to injury.

“I don’t really, I guess, care for how I’m playing as long as we’re winning. For me, as long as we get the win, I’m OK. The only stat I look at is turnovers. That’s kind of how I determine if I had a good or bad game. Tonight, what did I have, five turnovers? To me, that hurts my soul,” Holiday said after the game.

The Milwaukee Bucks could be Eastern Conference’s top seed at All-Star Game

The Milwaukee Bucks are now just half a game behind the Eastern Conference lead heading into the break, with both teams having a game left to play this week.