Priscilla Presley speaks out against Bam Margera: “I never gave him Elvis’ items”

Priscilla Presley and former skateboarder and ex-Jackass star Bam Margera spent a few days together with the former’s other son, Navarone Garibaldi Garcia, but now the King Elvis widow says she feels betrayed because Margera circulated photos “accompanied by false information and narratives.”

“When my son asked me to have a ‘new friend’ come visit, I had no idea who he was or that he would later choose to publish false photos and stories,” Priscilla said via a statement.

“She came over, talked non-stop about her new adventures and personal struggles and asked for a photo with me for her father, who is a huge fan,” continued Presley, who added that Margera filmed inside her home without her consent.

She never gave him objects that belonged to Elvis as a gift

Another of the things that Margera assured is that Priscilla had given her some objects that had belonged to the King of Rock, which she has denied:

“At no time during the visit did I give her anything from Elvis. I still have everything he touched. I would never disrespect Elvis, who was the love of my life, by giving away anything that belonged to him. I’ve always protected them for the fans.”

As Margera told TMZ, she was given a robe and ring that belonged to Elvis.

“Elvis belonged to all of you, and I cherish my life with him too much to waste anything. I hope this man gets the help he needs and does the right thing,” Priscilla said.

Margera responded with a post on Instagram in which he said he wanted to “apologize” to Priscilla and her son for his behavior.

“I’m so sorry and embarrassed, and I can’t apologize enough for acting like a jerk,” he wrote in the post.