Aaron Rodgers goes on a rant against Ian Rapoport and Adam Schefter: ‘When it comes to me, they don’t know sh*t’

Aaron Rodgers’ appearances on “The Pat McAfee Show” are the gift that keeps on giving, and the latest edition of the ‘Aaron Rodgers Tuesdays’ segment started off with the quarterback addressing the reports by some NFL Insiders like Adam Schefter and Ian Rapoport, have made about him in the past and during Sunday’s Super Bowl LVII coverage.

Aaron Rodgers says his inner circle wouldn’t talk about him

Aaron Rodgers four-day darkness retreat has been a topic of conversation around the NFL media and fans for the last week after the quarterback expressed that he’s doing this as a way to find inner peace and have a clearer picture of what he would like to do with his football career going forward.

He mostly directed his rant towards NFL Networks Insider Ian Rapoport who came on “The Pat McAfee Show” Monday to reafirm what he had reported during Super Bowl LVII about Aaron Rodgers delaying his four day darkness retreat, which according to him was planned from Monday through Thursday, even implying Rodgers might be doing it to appear today on the above mentioned show.

Rodgers explained that he speaks for himself and no one in his inner circle would ever talk about his life, and told the alleged source from Ian Rapoport that he isn’t in his inner circle given that those in the inner circle know this has been always planned to start next Thursday.

“I have no problem with Ian Rapoport, Schefter, I think they’re really good at their jobs. When it comes to me, they don’t know sh*t. They really don’t. They don’t have people in my inner circle who are sources. I can promise you that. Anybody who would talk to them is not in my inner circle. It’s that simple. So I’ve had this plan on the books for four months, for the same time. When someone like that goes on and says something that’s not true it creates a story that’s bullsh*t.”

He then went on to double down on Ian Rapoport.

“And again, nothing against Rapoport, but he doesn’t have anybody who knows legitimately what’s going on in my life. So for him to say something, ‘Monday through Thursday I was supposed to be in there,’ that was never the plan. It hasn’t been the plan for four months.”

So don’t make sh*t up. I don’t have your number, you’re not gonna have my number, you do a great job, but not when it comes to my life, so stop talking about it.

Aaron Rodgers