“Let them stop playing at OM”, he issues a warning

When I was little, I promised myself that I would have a job in line with football. Very quickly, I realized that my feet would not be enough to take me where I wanted so journalism became obvious.

Second in Ligue 1 five points behind PSG, OM began to dream. Jonathan Clauss confided in a press conference, the title of champion is attainable, especially since there will be a Classic at the top in two weeks. Eric Di Meco, he is formal: if someone does not believe in the title, “he must stop playing at OM”.

Dolphin of PSG last season, theOM is in the same place a year later. Even if heAS Monaco is only two points away, the Olympian club tends to look ahead rather than behind. And in front, the PSG is only five steps ahead, two weeks before the Classic which will be played at the Stade Vélodrome. An incredible opportunity for theOM who has been chasing a championship title since 2010.

“You live to be a champion”

Even if Jonathan Clauss dared to speak about the title of the press conference, the players of theOM rare generally cautious. An attitude that does not particularly please Eric Di Meco. ” If there is one in this team, today, who does not believe that he can be champion, he must stop playing at OM. That’s why it annoys me the story of “do they have to announce it”. It does not promise to be champion. You live to be champion. I repeat what I said a fortnight ago. The problem is that on the evening of Nice, there are people who said: “those who think that OM could have been champions, they are beautiful today. “And a week later, we redo the same debate so we have to stop a bit”launched the former defender of theOM in the show Rothen ignites.

“They must not wear the OM jersey”

When you’re wearing the OM jersey and you’re five points behind PSG by playing the matches they do and by doing more, since they won against Paris in the Coupe de France, you beat them and you you have a match coming up in ten days where you receive them at home and where you can come back to two points, if you tell me that there are players on that team who think they cannot be champions , they must not wear the OM jersey. That’s all ! “, concluded Di Meco. OM know what they have to do…