UFC: Octagon girl Arianny Celeste wore outfit that risked wardrobe malfunction at UFC 284

For many, Arianny Celeste is arguably the most famous and successful UFC octagon girl. She has been linked to the organization for many years and today she occassionally works as one of the UFC’s most influential embassadors. For the UFC 284 event in Perth, Australia, she was part of the VIP experience. Celeste uploaded a video where she shows how the UFC treated her during her trip to Australia, where she shows an outfit that made the jaws of fans drop to the floor.

Arianny Celeste already wears some revealing outfits, she is a bonafide swimsuit model who also creates NSFW content through her platforms. Despite her already hot content, her outfit choice for the entire UFC 284 event left many fans watching over a possible wardrobe malfunction. She wore a pink outfit that covered her chest with only a little fabric and could’ve gone wrong at any time. Not that Arianny Celeste would mind showing a little nipple but she definitely riesked it throughout the entire UFC 284 event.

Arianny Celeste already lashed out against critics

Even though most of her followers praise her for the content she has, Arianny Celeste also has many critics who don’t like her showing more racy content through her Onlyfans. As a response to hate from people who come after her, Celeste wrote a long post on her IG stories about a year ago. It perfectly describes what women in the MMA world go through on a daily basis.

She wrote: “The hate is non-stop. I thank god that my mom raised me to be strong because otherwise, I would not be able to mentally cope. And no it’s not easy. Period. Have you ever felt unworthy, insecure, not good enough? Imagine millions of people sending you things purposefully to hurt you? Discrediting your hard work and just calling you a ‘pretty face that has never worked a hard day in this life’. People you don’t even know!! I’ve had to work so hard to not break into this industry. I thank God every day that I can disassociate myself from this world. I don’t come around to MMA things precisely for this reason.”